Capture the flag

Each of the two teams have a flag in their base which are located on opposite sides of the field. The aim of the game is to capture the enemy’s flag from their base and deliver it back to your base before they capture your flag.

Protect the VIP

In this game, a VIP is chosen. Players on the VIP’s team have to protect him or her while the other team, referred to as “terrorists,” try to hit the VIP. The VIP’s team is often smaller than the “terrorists” team to make the game challenging.

Team death match

The original way to play paintball paintball. Team Death match is a simple team based total annihilation game where each team has to take out every member of the opposing team in order to win.

Search and Destroy

The clock is ticking… literally. Each round, one team must plant and detonate a bomb at the target site while the other team defends the site. The team that achieves their objective, either by detonating or defusing the bomb or by wiping out the opposing team, wins the round. The team that reaches the set number of round wins first wins the match!

PUBG game coming soon!