Equipment Rental Package

Every equipment rental package includes everything a player needs to play paintball.

Paintball gun/marker

Semi-auto paintball marker/gun.

Safety Mask

Mask protects the eyes, face, and ears. Adjustable, one size fits all.


Container that sits on top of the paintball marker and holds the paintballs before they are shot.

 Air Tank

Compressed air, used to propel the paintballs out of the Paint marker. Can be refilled after each game.

Game scenarios

Powerplay General Prices

You may only use field paint at Powerplay paintball fields

Grade A Paint

1 Bag of 500 paintballs – $17.99

Grade B Paint

1 Bag of 500 paintballs – $14.99


Field Pass – $10.00

Air Pass – $5.00

Paint Grenade – $6.99

Basic Rental Package


Safety Maske

Paintball Marker/Gun

1 Hopper full of paint

Group Package


10 Safety Masks

2 case of paintballs (4,000 count)

10 Paintball markers/guns